The Robbinsdale Library opened its doors for the first time on January 4, 1926, thanks to the efforts of the Robbinsdale Library Club. The club not only secured the funds to build the library, but they also purchased the initial library materials like books, periodicals, tables and chairs, and helped secure a professional librarian. The library was part of the Hennepin County Library System, but the club continued to own and maintain the building until 1976 when it was donated to the City of Robbinsdale.

The main floor of the building was a single room, shaped like an H, contained the main part of the library. The basement contained four rooms and two restrooms. The largest room was most notably used as the main meeting space for the Robbinsdale Library Club. An original bespoke bookcase in the room held some of the first books the library purchased and the librarian’s original desk was reused by the club at meetings and gatherings. The other rooms in the basement were used for children’s programs and storage.

The historic library is now home to the Robbinsdale Historical Society and the Robbin Gallery.